30 Hours for a Glimpse, 2022

30 Hours for a Glimpse is a multidisciplinary body of work spanning video, sound, photography, and installation to explore themes such as fantasy, longing, anonymity, and nostalgia.

The photographs included in this body of work function as formal surface studies of the materials and architecture of the North American highway truck stop- inspired by the texture of the audio of the accompanying video, Channel 17. Through these photographs, the truck stop is seen as a site of queer desire and longing. The spaces are mostly empty, and often what’s imaged is nothing more than the ‘in-between’ of any given happening.The work seeks out and lingers on the sense of anticipation, as a way of questioning the ways in which the spaces and modes of queer interaction have changed as a result of a shifting Western consciousness and the role of technology and capitalism within our desires.

Channel 17 is a short film that was realized at the end of a summer that Aloisio spent regularly visiting a local truck stop in hopes of establishing a discreet and intimate encounter with someone on the other end of this makeshift CB radio. The question of cleanliness is addressed throughout the piece, both dialectically, as well as visually, through the use of the truck wash as the central location. Channel 17 investigates issues surrounding anonymity, and paradoxically surveillance, with the degradation of audio reflecting a certain level of disguise and obscurity natural to this type of engagement with, and within, public space.